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64 Terrace St.
Marlborough, NH 03455

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The staff at Manning Emergency Educators, Inc. have developed a excellent reputation for providing high quality Health, Safety & Emergency Training for workplace & community groups over many years, most recently doing business as Phylis M Manning & Associates.

This team of professionals hold numerous licensures & affiliations. These include licensure as Nurses, First Responders, EMTS & Paramedics, and instructor authorizations through the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, AAOS Emergency Care & Safety Institute and National Safety Council. They are NH Dept of Safety Bureau of EMS Instructor/Coordinators and BLS Practical Examination Evaluators.

Whether our training is for the novice (who has never even thought of the concepts involved prior to class), or the layperson (the non-professional rescuer who is most likely to be first on the scene when a co-worker or loved one has an accident or takes ill), or the professional rescuer (who has the duty to respond in emergencies)… all our programs are designed to address your group’s needs.

Our focus is on reducing participants’ fears about the potential for emergencies to occur in the first place and on being successful in the training itself; our overriding goal is always to increase each individual’s confidence so that they will ultimately respond & react appropriately when an emergency does occur, most likely when least expected in their community or their workplace.

"I thought she did an exceptional job making some complex concepts easy and as “fun” as possible"

Whether your need is a basic level CPR or First Aid class, or an advanced course such as First Responder or EMT, our independent status enables us to offer you a wide range of programming through our affiliations with well respected organizations. We design, develop & orchestrate high quality courses to meet your needs and are even able to travel to you to make this as convenient as possible. And, we maintain those training records for you so that we are able to remind you of your recertification needs.

Whether we’re working with a group of people who have never done more that apply a cold pack, or a group of professional rescuers who have been in the business for a number of years… our goal is to facilitate the learning process with professionalism, enthusiasm & compassion. If you care to help others in need, you can be successful in learning to provide that care through MEEI.

Please feel free to contact us via phone (603-876-4905) or fax (603-876-4836) if you would like any additional information.